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Monday, April 17, 2017

Let's talk about repeat items. I know there are some things that you maybe wear twice in a season and you're all, "Omg Instagram, I've had this sweater on repeat, I'm obsessed!" But for real I have actually had this sweatshirt on repeat, and it's soooooo good. I mean, it's plain and yellow and cropped and pretty damn basic, but I think that's why I've been loving on it so much. It's just so easy. And don't think for a second that I've been wearing much else because the outfit you see here, or some variation of it with different jeans or shoes, has been all that's been on my body. If I'm not taking outfit photos, I'm not trying, which yes makes me sad, but that's how my mom life is going right now so it is what it is. 

At least I'm back to posting! The whole family came down with a super nasty flu that almost landed me in the hospital with a fever of 104.8, and then the weather has been so nasty on the days I have Michael available to shoot for me, omg it has been challenging to say the least. But, it seems that we may be finally out of the woods as we are all on the up and the weather has maybe decided to be (somewhat) consistently decent, so you should be seeing more from me until we get sick again or whatever. Yay!


I'm sure you've heard what I'm about to say a lot, but I'm selling LipSense now! Wooooo! (I mean, I have access to distribute their entire line of products, but I'm only doing the LipSense because that's where it's at!) I bought a very limited stock at first to make sure it'll sell before I go totally balls deep and sink a ton of money into something people aren't interested in buying, so if you want anything, hit me up to see what I've got in stock! I wouldn't normally jump onto selling anything like this, but it's a product I truly love and stand behind, so I figured, why not? The stuff truly lasts all day. I mean it. Hell, porn stars use it when they work, and that should tell you something about its staying power. Basically you need some, even if you don't get it from me.

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