CJ's First Time At The Zoo

Friday, April 14, 2017

Michael and I have been waiting to take CJ to the zoo since before she was born. Hell, since before I was even pregnant we talked about how excited we were to someday take kids to the zoo. Kids just make the zoo better, you know? And that's hard to do with a place that's already so great.
And so since she was old enough to look around and take in her surroundings, we have been eagerly waiting for the perfect zoo day. One day we made it all the way up there only to realize they were operating on winter hours and not open at all, which really, really sucked. Then magically Michael ended up with Fridays and Saturdays off at his new job, and of course the weather reacted accordingly and has been shit most weekends since. BUT we finally found a perfect day, and hey, maybe it wasn't as sunny as we would have liked (it never is here, especially not in spring), but the overcast sky prevented CJ from needing shades or a hat, and we all had such an amazing time! Zoos and babies, they just make sense. So here are some of my favorite photos of our day at the zoo with little miss Cocopuff. We did a family photo strip, which I def need to also share at some point because, per usush, it's hilarious.

We didn't bring our stroller, and for a split second I was apprehensive about it after I saw just how many people at the zoo did have strollers, but the complete ease with which we navigated vs people who did bother with strollers reaffirmed our decision, and I have never been happier to not have a stroller in my life. We were able to get around so much quicker and CJ was able to see so much more from Michael's arms or her comfy spot in the sling than she would have otherwise. This is basically me saying not to bring a stroller to the zoo because it'll suck. If you're able to avoid it, do, trust me.

Coco's favorite animals were the fish because she could get down and look at them through the glass, and because they are very colorful and active, however she did also take a particular interest in the tapir and screamed at it very loudly as it walked around its enclosure. I don't know why she seemed to prefer that animal over all the others when there was a walrus doing laps and singing and two very showy peacocks marching around right in front of us, but for whatever reason she was loving on the tapir. It's a family tradition to buy a stuffed animal at the end of the zoo trip (usually for me, but now for Coco, lameeeeeeee), so we were going to get a tapir, but they didn't have one, so CJ picked out a fun pink jellyfish that she is quite fond of.

Overall, it was obviously the best of days, and I am already excited to go again! There is also a zoo in Seattle, so we clearly need to take her to that one next. CJ still hates long car rides though, so it might be awhile until we're brave enough to venture up the that one. What's your favorite zoo animal? I love penguins myself because they're so cute and waddly.

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  1. Tapirs are awesome. Clearly Coco got the message. XD

    The good thing about being an Aunt is that you can learn from your nieces. I remember going to the zoo with my nieces and the strollers being a pain. That sold me on baby carrying.