Two Months

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Well it seems appropriate to be posting these now that Cj is almost three months old, haha. It makes me irritated because I actually have a decent amount of outfit photos taken, some of which are even edited, but I just can't seem to find the time to post them. I know a lot of being a new mom is about finding the balance, but there just always seems like there is something better I could be doing than sitting on my computer composing a blog post. In fact, whenever I'm even near my computer the nagging voice inside my head says, "you really should edit some more client photos, you lazy so-and-so." But I am determined to make a more valiant effort to blog starting now with our two month family photos! Coco was still so tiny and fragile at one month that it didn't seem smart to tromp her out to a pretty location just to take photos, especially since at one month she was actually due to be born. We did take newborn/one month photos of her all swaddled up and on our comforter (I posted this one to Insta), but I still haven't gotten around to editing all of them since I decided to smooth her red-lobster-fresh-baby skin, so those will probably never see my blog. Then I wanted to take a photo of her next to the "C" we have every month to show her growth, but we forgot to at two months and it would just basically be a lie if we did it now, so I guess that's not happening either. All my grand schemes have basically failed, but whatever, at least I save all my snapstories (@rya_pie if you're into baby spam).


Immediately after taking these photos I felt pretty ridiculous. I mean, I spent time planning these (fabulously)matching outfits, having Michael braid my hair, and putting on at least three times my normal amount of makeup, and when we finally got to the park Coco just wasn't having it. We busted out a few photos (the ones in this post are all of the ones I kept), and then called it a wrap because I am not about fucking with a fussy baby, and I can't stand parents who are. I'm not going to lie, I felt pretty defeated and like it was a totally pointless endeavor, but now I'm just so pleased we have the pictures because she is already so much bigger! 

Also, I really did mean to film a quick tutorial on how I tie up my maxis last year, I just never did....which I definitely do a lot....maybe this year? But let's be real, probs not.

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