Knoblock Wedding

Monday, June 22, 2015

I cannot express how happy I am that Sierra contacted me about photographing her courthouse wedding. Her and Kyle are such a wonderful couple; full of love, compassion, and friendship. We had so much fun taking photos at Wright Park in Tacoma before heading to the courthouse for their ceremony. They were such an easy couple to work with and let me exercise such creativity over their photos! I must say I am truly proud with how these turned out! To see more, you can head to my photography website or my Facebook page. Enjoy! 

I'm definitely hoping to do some more photoshoots soon; they are so much fun! I absolutely adore getting to meet people and see all the different types of love in the world. I think it's so ridiculous how the media portrays one version of the cliché love story, because love comes in all different shapes and sizes and all that jazz! Just a thought.