Wear Your Heart On Your Socks

Sunday, February 22, 2015

So the other pairs of socks I received from Sammy Icon were a matching couple's pair of socks that spell "love" across your feet. They are beyond darling, and most importantly super cozy soft! Michael and I had such a fun time taking these photos, and Michael wore his socks all day he likes them so much! I feel so lucky that we got to try out these wonderful socks, and I foresee us wearing these all the time, around the house and out and about.

::His Look::
::Her Look::
old navy sweatshirt :: target shorts :: socks c/o sammy icon

Chai is such a little photobomber that we had no choice but to include her in our shots, but I never mind cuddling her in my photos. She even posed so perfectly next to M's feet that it just made my heart melt! I tried to get her to stay there while I moved into the shot, but she got too excited about my feet that she just wanted to be picked up the whole time, haha. I have somewhat successfully been teaching her to stay still and look at the camera when I say "selfie" to her though, so that's something. 

If you get a chance, I'd highly recommend buying your own pair of Sammy Socks as they are super soft and filled with personality. I think this pair is just too darling to pass up, personally, but I'll take any change I get to put M and I in matching things.

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