Catch Up Pt 2

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I really, really don't want to say this but holy crap these old photos are making me wish I didn't cut off all my hair. Oh well, there's no room for regrets when hair is always growing, and it looks good short too. Regardless orange and blonde is definitely a combo I will be revisit because the flaming carrot will return! Anywho, I took these photos to show off this awesome tee I bought from The Road To Hannah when she designed them about a year ago. (Like I said, these are soooo old.) I still wanted to share because she's a cool lady, but also because I like these photos and my hair looks awesome. And oh my goodness looking at these has made me realize how tan I've gotten since I've moved.

Catch Up Pt1

Sunday, January 14, 2018

These photos are old. No. You guys. I mean like super old. April 2017 old. Looking at these really puts a face to how long it's been, how long I was away. I'd be lying if I said looking at these didn't make me nostalgic and miss Washington. I, however, have a very intense nostalgia issue, and literally everything makes me nostalgic and sad, so that's just how it is. I'm sure I could look at a photo of my foot from a year ago and be like "aw, remember when my foot looked like that?" Lol, ok maybe not to that extreme. Either way, I wanted to share the photos I took and left sitting on my hard drive before throwing any more new ones at you because I love them and I think they're still worthy of space. There aren't very many, so if you're only about that new-new you won't be caught wading through months worth of old pics.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Hey there guys. It's been awhile. And hot damn, I really do mean it this time. Hey. Hi. How are you? 

A lot has changed since my last post, it's only a few months shy of a year ago, so I suppose that much is obvious. I turned 25. I cut all my hair off. I moved to Arizona. Coco is almost two. Lots of things. All the things, really. Plus this awesome jumpsuit. This post will be a long one, and then I'll probably do a few catch up posts of photos I took before I went on break. (Or maybe one long post...thoughts?) It feels good to be back. If you don't want to read a giant, and I do mean giant rant about my life then I suggest stopping after all the pretty pictures.

Date Dress

Sunday, April 30, 2017

This is the kind of dress I would wear on a second date, and hope it would knock whoever I was dating out of their socks. Sadly I don't have any dates to go on, so I'm stuck getting all dolled up and photographing myself with a tripod and a remote, but hey, it works. I'll knock my own damn socks off! And I'm pretty sure at least one person driving by was thinking, "Hot damn, check out that chick in the amazing dress!" Because it is an amazing dress, and it is the last of the three pieces (see the other two here and here) that I got from And let me tell you that I spent forever trying to find a bra that matched this perfectly enough to wear underneath this saucy number, and this won and was only $5! Score! It's ombre, so bits are darker than the dress, but I did my best you guys! Jeeze!

The Deep V

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can we talk about how useless most "fashion" tape is? I put on a ton with this sweet little romper and of course the second I moved it all came off. Useless. Does anyone know of any that actually stays? Because this outfit definitely went from saucy to scandalous with a twist of my torso, haha. I for sure flashed some people in the park while taking these pictures, but I really don't care because hot damn, I look good. As a full time, stay at home mom I'm not usually feeling myself, I mean, I don't think I look like dumpster juice on the daily, but I'm also not dressed up and looking super fly. I've been super pumped about the clothes I got from Tobi because they all make me feel like one hot potato. (Lmao, ok that is the least hot sounding phrase ever, but I had to use it.) Now I just need a steamy date to go on and I'll be set!