Brunch Babes Tucson

Saturday, April 21, 2018

One of the things I am supremely thankful for here in my new home are the amazing new connections and friends I've made. I am so lucky to have matched with basically the coolest girl in Tucson for the brief stint that I was on Bumble BFF, because she has ended up truly being one of my closest friends, and without her I wouldn't have met any of the other fantastic people that have crossed my path. Oh wait! JK! I have one other friend I made on my own thanks to Tinder (check them out @styled_by_lorak on insta bc they are so talented!), so I guess I'm not totally co-dependant upon Hannah....just mostly. One of the many inspiring and impressive things she's done is create the group Brunch Babes Tucson, which is honestly all of my brunch dreams come true. It's a group that exists for badass femmes to meet and eat and share and create and, you know, brunch. It's exactly as cool as it sounds and I'm obsessed. This is the outfit I wore to our first meet up, which is why I'm babbling on about this haha.

Bisbee Escape Day 3

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In my mind, I posted the three days of our Bisbee escape consecutively and promptly right after we went, as all good bloggers do, but I'm a mom so lol to that idea. My life has been extra hectic as of late and I have been staying at my mom's which has made everything topsy-turvy and non-ideal. (Not that I don't love my mom, but I'd rather be in my own home, because duh.) So here it is, my last outfit from our mini-vacation, which I swear on all that is holy I did not at all plan to match this vintage gas station. Crazy, right? It just ended up matching perfectly, like every other outfit I planned. Clearly it's a sign I need to go to Bisbee more often, yeah? Yes. The answer is yes.

Bisbee Escape Day 2

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Out of the three outfits I planned for our getaway, this one by far got the most compliments. This may just be because we spent the majority of this day on foot visiting shops and being generally in public, or because it was just the best, but I suppose that can be for you to decide. Either way I did adore this combo and was happy to finally wear this hat again because it's my all time favorite and I for some reason tend to think it works much better on me when I have shorter hair.

Also shoutout to my mom who is the best instagramhusband and helped me drive around forever and scout the perfect photo locations for all my pictures and took all my boomerangs and was beyond helpful and patient and amazing. Moms, am I right? Moms. I could go on, but you feel me.

The Bisbee Escape

Friday, April 6, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you'll know that a few weeks back I went on an impromptu vacation with my mom to Bisbee for some much needed respite from my stressful as fuck life. I realize this is a huge privilege and I am beyond lucky to have a mom who when I shoot a frustrated text saying, "I wish we could just go away for a weekend" responds with, "This weekend? Wanna go up north maybe?" That is insanely lucky, right? My mom is the true MVP. Always has been, and always will be. I can honestly say if not for my mom I wouldn't still be here today. (Which I obviously mean outside of the fact that I wouldn't exist in general without her having grown me lol.)  So after browsing Air BnB and deciding to go to Bisbee instead (so many quirky spots and great photo opportunities and cheaper omg!) we booked one of the only places available on short ass notice, packed up, and drove the fuck away from this city and my problems.

Hoppy Eggster

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I'm going to be straight up with you, these are some of the most fake ass, staged photos I have ever taken in my life. Coco and I did decorate and dye eggs, and we did wear these outfits all day, but we most certainly were not dyeing eggs in the living room on the white coffee table next to all the furniture. I'm leading with this because social media spawns some very fake, very "hi here's my picture perfect life" type images and I don't want to ever front. My life ain't that. No one's life is that. Look at it more like this: I did make cute, picturesque memories with Coco pretending to dye eggs...after sitting in the toy box to creep the best angle to shoot at, setting up my tripod and camera, and trying to pose in very "omg memories" type ways with each click of my remote. Life with kids is hard, hell life is hard all on it's own. The last thing we need to do is perpetuate the notion that we're living it beautifully enough for Instagram every single second.