Petal Princess

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's no secret that warm hot weather is my favorite weather. I live for it. I despise layering, and anything under 60 is still sweatshirt weather, no exceptions. I realize this makes me odd for someone in the pacific north west, but I'm not from here anyways, and to be honest I really cling to that. I cling to my identity as someone from Arizona, even though I've lived here since I was in second grade and only went to Arizona a few times each year to visit my father. Still, it is a part of myself that I love and I use to identify who I am. I am not a PNW person. I'm just not. Anyone that knows me will certainly agree. And so when it finally, and I do mean finally, hits an even tolerable temperature here for me, you can bet I am going to put on my most summery of attire and wear the hell out of it for as long as I can. On this day, I wore my go-to yellow sweatshirt for most of the day, but when we came home it was just warm enough to rock this romper from Tobi (which I think is on sale right now, score!), and you can bet I jumped right into it and demanded a photoshoot. Rompers are life, y'all. And with these petals to shoot by? Forget about it. My day was made.

Egg Yolk

Monday, April 17, 2017

Let's talk about repeat items. I know there are some things that you maybe wear twice in a season and you're all, "Omg Instagram, I've had this sweater on repeat, I'm obsessed!" But for real I have actually had this sweatshirt on repeat, and it's soooooo good. I mean, it's plain and yellow and cropped and pretty damn basic, but I think that's why I've been loving on it so much. It's just so easy. And don't think for a second that I've been wearing much else because the outfit you see here, or some variation of it with different jeans or shoes, has been all that's been on my body. If I'm not taking outfit photos, I'm not trying, which yes makes me sad, but that's how my mom life is going right now so it is what it is. 

At least I'm back to posting! The whole family came down with a super nasty flu that almost landed me in the hospital with a fever of 104.8, and then the weather has been so nasty on the days I have Michael available to shoot for me, omg it has been challenging to say the least. But, it seems that we may be finally out of the woods as we are all on the up and the weather has maybe decided to be (somewhat) consistently decent, so you should be seeing more from me until we get sick again or whatever. Yay!

CJ's First Time At The Zoo

Friday, April 14, 2017

Michael and I have been waiting to take CJ to the zoo since before she was born. Hell, since before I was even pregnant we talked about how excited we were to someday take kids to the zoo. Kids just make the zoo better, you know? And that's hard to do with a place that's already so great.
And so since she was old enough to look around and take in her surroundings, we have been eagerly waiting for the perfect zoo day. One day we made it all the way up there only to realize they were operating on winter hours and not open at all, which really, really sucked. Then magically Michael ended up with Fridays and Saturdays off at his new job, and of course the weather reacted accordingly and has been shit most weekends since. BUT we finally found a perfect day, and hey, maybe it wasn't as sunny as we would have liked (it never is here, especially not in spring), but the overcast sky prevented CJ from needing shades or a hat, and we all had such an amazing time! Zoos and babies, they just make sense. So here are some of my favorite photos of our day at the zoo with little miss Cocopuff. We did a family photo strip, which I def need to also share at some point because, per usush, it's hilarious.

Strolling Into Spring With Evenflo

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring here in the great PNW is a very special time where we usually get hit with several very distinct varieties of weather all in one day, or it's just 100% miserable rain all day long. But usually it likes to fluctuate between blindly sunny, to rainy, to cloudy, to sunny, to insanely windy, and back again. This is usually enough to keep me safely huddled away inside dreaming of friendlier climates, but since having Coco, I find myself needing to go out more because babies need fresh air and mommies need relaxing walks in the park, sporadic weather or not. Queue the amazing Evenflo Pivot travel system! No matter what you're doing outside (or in, can you say Target?) this thing has got you covered! (And I do mean covered, which you can see a photo of at the bottom when the sun decided to be out in full force.) Despite the wind and clouds and blinding sun, Coco and I had a nice walk in the park by my parent's house. Oh! And she can face me! Which was definitely the selling point on this stroller for me, because I can give her snacks and toys and interact with her all I want. (But it can also face out if you prefer.)

So Hipster

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Most of my outfits spring from either random spurts of inspiration or the desire to style a particular item that I've recently become infatuated with. This outfit however came from the much different, and infinitely more stressful, shit-I-need-to-make-a-blog-post nag that pops into my head when I haven't had the time or inspiration to take photos in a while. I will say though that the stress of it all usually then leads to inspiration and I end up with something I like either way, and this is no exception. (Although the process of getting to said outfit is much more hectic and flustering than if the whim had simply struck me all on it's own.) And so this super PNW, I-only-shop-at-the-local-thrift-store looking outfit was born. I won't lie, I really like it. I think the boots give it the perfect amount of chic to stop me from looking total hipster, thank goodness.