Date Dress

Sunday, April 30, 2017

This is the kind of dress I would wear on a second date, and hope it would knock whoever I was dating out of their socks. Sadly I don't have any dates to go on, so I'm stuck getting all dolled up and photographing myself with a tripod and a remote, but hey, it works. I'll knock my own damn socks off! And I'm pretty sure at least one person driving by was thinking, "Hot damn, check out that chick in the amazing dress!" Because it is an amazing dress, and it is the last of the three pieces (see the other two here and here) that I got from And let me tell you that I spent forever trying to find a bra that matched this perfectly enough to wear underneath this saucy number, and this won and was only $5! Score! It's ombre, so bits are darker than the dress, but I did my best you guys! Jeeze!

The Deep V

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can we talk about how useless most "fashion" tape is? I put on a ton with this sweet little romper and of course the second I moved it all came off. Useless. Does anyone know of any that actually stays? Because this outfit definitely went from saucy to scandalous with a twist of my torso, haha. I for sure flashed some people in the park while taking these pictures, but I really don't care because hot damn, I look good. As a full time, stay at home mom I'm not usually feeling myself, I mean, I don't think I look like dumpster juice on the daily, but I'm also not dressed up and looking super fly. I've been super pumped about the clothes I got from Tobi because they all make me feel like one hot potato. (Lmao, ok that is the least hot sounding phrase ever, but I had to use it.) Now I just need a steamy date to go on and I'll be set!

My Little Lovebird

Monday, April 24, 2017

These photos were taken at the beginning of this month when CJ was freshly 11 months old, and I cannot tell you how completely shook I am that she is about to turn one. I'm in total denial. In fact, I'm going to deny having even typed that. 

What are we talking about? Oh yeah, spring time! At the beginning of this month I decided I needed to snap some photos of Coco and I in our newest sling that we managed to snag in the Wildbird end of season sale. I absolutely love babywearing and Wildbird, so I was thrilled to have snatched this gorgeous sling (bamboo Lovebird) because I always saw it as more of a spring/summer color than fall/winter, and after taking these photos I must say that I feel like I was totally right! I'm so glad we took these when we did because not long after a giant windstorm came and took all the beautiful petals off the cherry blossoms! It's hard for me as a photographer and a single mom to get photos of CJ and I together that I love because there's either no one to take the photos, or I don't look nice and don't want to be in them. I need to dress us both up more often because I know these photos will be even more precious to us as time passes, and because I clearly do better with a tripod and a remote than I think I do.

Petal Princess

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's no secret that warm hot weather is my favorite weather. I live for it. I despise layering, and anything under 60 is still sweatshirt weather, no exceptions. I realize this makes me odd for someone in the pacific north west, but I'm not from here anyways, and to be honest I really cling to that. I cling to my identity as someone from Arizona, even though I've lived here since I was in second grade and only went to Arizona a few times each year to visit my father. Still, it is a part of myself that I love and I use to identify who I am. I am not a PNW person. I'm just not. Anyone that knows me will certainly agree. And so when it finally, and I do mean finally, hits an even tolerable temperature here for me, you can bet I am going to put on my most summery of attire and wear the hell out of it for as long as I can. On this day, I wore my go-to yellow sweatshirt for most of the day, but when we came home it was just warm enough to rock this romper from Tobi (which I think is on sale right now, score!), and you can bet I jumped right into it and demanded a photoshoot. Rompers are life, y'all. And with these petals to shoot by? Forget about it. My day was made.

Egg Yolk

Monday, April 17, 2017

Let's talk about repeat items. I know there are some things that you maybe wear twice in a season and you're all, "Omg Instagram, I've had this sweater on repeat, I'm obsessed!" But for real I have actually had this sweatshirt on repeat, and it's soooooo good. I mean, it's plain and yellow and cropped and pretty damn basic, but I think that's why I've been loving on it so much. It's just so easy. And don't think for a second that I've been wearing much else because the outfit you see here, or some variation of it with different jeans or shoes, has been all that's been on my body. If I'm not taking outfit photos, I'm not trying, which yes makes me sad, but that's how my mom life is going right now so it is what it is. 

At least I'm back to posting! The whole family came down with a super nasty flu that almost landed me in the hospital with a fever of 104.8, and then the weather has been so nasty on the days I have Michael available to shoot for me, omg it has been challenging to say the least. But, it seems that we may be finally out of the woods as we are all on the up and the weather has maybe decided to be (somewhat) consistently decent, so you should be seeing more from me until we get sick again or whatever. Yay!